About Taihe Entertainment Group


Taihe Entertainment Group (TEG) is a film and entertainment group that empowers content generators and offline scenarios with the vision "delivering works with positive values more efficiently for billions of users worldwide". It is committed to using technology to promote more effective connection between contents, scenarios and users.


With focuses on the four core businesses - “creating quality content, empowering promotion and publicity with data, utilizing technology to serve cinemas, and creating a cinema hosting model”, the Group continuously integrates and optimizes each one-dimensional links of the film industry, in a bid to build a film and entertainment platform covering the entire industry chain.


Since its establishment, TEG has provided content, investment, production, promotion and publicity and other services for nearly a hundred films. By connecting with upstream parties, TEG enables filmmakers and distributors to directly contact with cinemas and users, ensuring the authenticity of data. Moreover, TEG has a cinema management system with complete independent intellectual property rights, as well as the first domestic cinema booking system license in China. With the application of scientific and technological methods, TEG helps nearly 4,500 cinemas to build and operate their own e-commerce systems, serve more than 3 million heavily-dependent members through online and offline linkage and cover more marketing scenarios, thus helping cinemas to improve profitability. With its advanced cinema technology and rich experience in cinema management, TEG is able to provide cinemas with new technology-driven cinema hosting services, so as to help theaters expand revenue streams, accurately manage audiences, reduce costs and increase efficiency.



Development milestones:

● 2010年,太合娛樂正式成立。

●In 2010, TEG was officially established.

● 2013年,設立太合電影基金。

● In 2013, Taihe Film Capital was established.

● 2016年,強化電影宣發業務,設立電影宣發專業服務機構“合瑞影業”。

In 2016, TEG strengthened its film promotion and publicity business and  set up "Hero Film", a professional film agency providing promotion and publicity services.


           TEG developed and launched "Ingcore", a cinema membership platform, and "Tuifilm", an intelligent distribution platform.


           TEG acquired "CMTS", a cinema operation platform, and improved management efficiency through technology-driven cinemas.

● 2017年,開創影院托管服務“冠宇”,不斷探索影院空間運營和用戶運營的新模式。

● In 2017,  TEG created cinema hosting service "Guanyu" in continuously exploring new models of cinema operation and user operation.


           "Bee Cineplex" was established to solve the problems in distribution services for small and medium-sized filmmakers and distributors.

● 2019年,設立網生內容生產運營機構“糖果娛樂”。

● In 2019,  "Candy Entertainment", the operation agency for online content production, was established.


          TEG expanded the scope of the science and technology sector, arranged the layout in mass cultural and tourism industry to empower the industry.


Being true to the business philosophy of "Taihe Produces Only the Best", TEG will continue to expand its global production and distribution cooperation for quality contents. Apart from promoting the integration of new contents, new channels, and new technologies, TEG is devoted to meeting the increasing demands of diverse users on entertainment consumption experience, with the purpose to develop into a new type of entertainment group with self-evolution and innovation capability.


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